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Why I started a pet blog and called it Angel Paws University – “The Paws Report”

I know I’m not the only one who grew up in a non-pet home. My parents didn’t dislike pets per se, they just weren’t allowed in the house so, what’s the point then, right? Unfortunately, I’m sad to say I kept that cycle going with my own kiddos and yes, I became THAT mom. Anyhow, about 7 years ago, I married into a pet family and overnight, there I was, with a fur-baby, in the house, that lived & slept, in the house, that occasionally pee’d & pooped, in the house! What was I to do? It was evident my new reality wasn’t going to change so I realized I had to “learn” to be ok with that. Over time (I’d say a year or so), my learned “like” became new kind of foreign love for me. Our lil 7 lb. chihuahua became my cuddle buddy and I became his favorite human (as long as no one else has food).

All the sudden, every dog I see I have to say hi to and I want to pet (although, I don’t recommend petting just any dog you don’t know, even if the owner says it’s ok, but that’s a story for another day). Not only can I not imagine our house without our lil Bubba, but now we also have an Alvin too! Alvin is quite the opposite of Bubba in that he is a 70 lb. almost 2 year old Strafford Terrier mix that thinks he is a lap dog.

So why did I start this blog and call it Angel Paws University (APU) – “The Paws Report”? It’s a long, cute, and silly title to this blog series that means nothing more than I’m still figuring out this whole pet life, I’m in school here, and I’m reporting what I’m learning. I am happy to report though that I’m not alone in this adventure, I also have a few of my kiddos who are along for the ride with me!! Actually, they’re more like driving me along this ride since they’re WAY more educated in the pet department than I am, but more on that later. Our goal is to build multiple helpful and informative segments, via this blog, that will live inside of a library of modules that anyone can reference right on our website anytime day or night.

This is not just about our story, we want to know yours too so drop us a line in the chat and tell us about your fur baby and if you’ve been a long time pet lover or if your still wearing your newbie sticker like me!!

I’m so happy to meet you! Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know you and learning about your journey as well! More to come!

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